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B&C for cutton(Ring Spinning)


Applicable to the ring spinning and open-end spinning of pure cotton

Constituent of unit

1.FB1001   Disk plucker

2.FT245F   Transport fan

   FT214A   Bridge magnet

3.AMP3000 Spark and metal detector

   FT215B    Little dust separator

4.FB125    Weight separator

   FT240F   Transport fan

5.FB1107   Single roller cleaner

6.FT222F   Transport fan

   FB1029   Multi-Mixer

   FT224     Curve magnet

   (FT240F   Transport fan)

7.FB055     Vertical fiber separator

   FT201B   Transport fan

   FB1115    Fine opener

   FT301B   Controller of continuous feeder

8.119ALL    Spark detector

9.FB171A    Chute feeder

   FB1230    Carding machine

  (FB1233)   Carding machine

    FT032      Autoleveler

10. FT202A   T shape distributer

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